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Corsi di Inglese a Malta

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 Corsi di inglese a Malta

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All visitors entering Malta need a valid passport, except for nationals of Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland, for whom a valid national ID card is acceptable for stays of up to 3 months.

All flights arrive and depart from Malta International Airport. Mainland Europe as well as North Africa and the Middle East has got the best possible access to Malta. Air Malta flights operate daily from London, Frankfurt, Rome, Zurich, Catania (Sicily) and Tripoli (Libya) and several direct weekly flights from Milan, Paris, Geneva, Vienna, Moscow, Tunis, Cairo and Dubai. Other carriers with service to Malta include Alitalia, KLM, Lufthansa, Swissair and Tunisavia and many others.

The public transport is an extremely cheap way to move around, ranging from 15 cents to 50 cents per ride. The main bus terminus in Valletta is just outside the City Gate and in Victoria, Gozo. The route number is shown on the front of each bus. Bus tickets are purchased directly from the bus driver on board the bus. Also special tickets (1 day - 7 days), which allow unrestricted travel, can be purchased from the main terminals.

Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards are widely accepted in hotels, restaurants, shops, travel and car hire agencies.
Traveller's Cheques & Eurocheques: All the main brands of traveller's cheques can be easily exchanged at hotels, banks and bureaux de change. There are also 24-hour exchange machines at banks in the main tourist towns where one can feed in foreign banknotes and get Maltese currency back automatically.
ATMs: These are easily found in all the main towns in Malta where you can withdraw Maltese cash using a credit card and PIN. (Note that this incurs a 'handling charge' of around 1.5% of the amount withdrawn).

Police 191
Ambulance 196
Fire Service 199
Overseas Operator 194
Government Information Line 153

For the summer months light cotton is ideal (and obviously swim wear!). Long sleeve jumpers and a jacket are just right for the winter months. Comfortable and non-slip shoes are a must for country walks. If you plan to visit churches you will need long trousers or a long skirt and something to cover your shoulders with.


As you get closer to the tropics, the effect of the sun is much stronger. Any ill effects from the sun can be avoided by not overdoing the sunbathing when you first arrive and by applying a sufficient sunscreen. You should also be aware of the effects of the heat exhaustion, especially when you just arrive. Avoid over-exertion and drink plenty of water. You should drink only bottled water.

There are two state hospitals, St. Luke's in Malta and the Gozo General Hospital in Gozo and state policlinics in every district. A number of private hospitals can also be found. Should a student of Linguatime be hospitalised in a state hospital and not be covered by insurance, s/he will be exempt from paying the hospital bill on condition that the Head of Linguatime School issues a certificate confirming that the student is registered at the school.

If the student holds a valid medical insurance, then, the student shall be liable to pay the hospital fee and claim refund from the insurance.

Should you require medical assistance, the school doctor may be contacted. This service is not free. If you suffer from a medical condition, please notify the school prior to your arrival.

We advise you to either check that your insurance policy is valid in Malta or take out a new policy prior to your arrival.

January 1st New Year's Day
February 10th Feast of St.Paul's Shipwreck
March 19th Feast of St.Joseph
March 25th Good Friday
March 31st Freedom Day
May 1st Worker's Day
June 7th Sette Giugno
June 29th Feast of St Peter and St Paul
August 15th Feast of the Assumption
September 8th Feast of Our Lady of Victories
September 21st Independence Day
December 8th Feast of the Immaculate Conception
December 13th Republic Day
December 25th Christmas Day


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